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Updated : 2008-01-29
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"A wallpaper that shows a fun parody of The Simpsons as if they were humans."

Faithful fans of The Simpsons are welcome with this The Simpsons Humanized, one of the most original, curious and peculiar wallpapers you can find about the famous characters of Springfield.

And what does this wallpaper have that others of The Simpsons don´t? Well it shows the characters as they would be if they were real. In other words, not yellow, and drawn as if they were flesh and blood

Among the characters that appear are Skinner, Krusty the clown, Mr Burns, Smithers, Apu, Wiggum, Milhouse, Jimbo, Ned Flanders, Inspector Chalmers, Edna Krabappel , Willy, Otto, Profesor Frink, Snake, etc, and there is a small smiley, which is Fry from Futurama.

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